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Adopt A Kitten

Breeder of siberian cat and neva masquerade.

If you have decided to get a kitten of Siberian call us or send us an e-mail so that we can learn, understand your needs and help you choose the right kitten for you.

You can come to visit our cattery when you want, but please contact us with a few days in advance to arrange a date for the visit, since we are not a shop, but a family breeding Siberian cats and it happens often that none is present in the home.

Reservations are accepted for new kitten from a month after birth, is to get more guarantees on the health of the kitten, and because some features are not recognizable in the first weeks of life. Once you have chosen a kitten, we will send you a copy of the contract of sale, to be able to take note of the conditions and safeguards. So the kitten will be considered reserved and stopped when you send a deposit in advance of the sale price. The deposit is not refundable in case of cancellation by the buyer. In the following weeks we will send you more pictures of your kitten to follow his growth, but you can still find it when you want to meet with you always by appointment.

Kittens are ready to leave the cattery at around three months of age, when they are mentally and physically ready to leave his mother and siblings, and having completed the full course of vaccinations and anthelminthic treatment. They will also have learned techniques that make it more autonomous (for example the use of the litter). Is paid great attention to the education of the kitten to develop in them a good character, good habits and socialization skills such as playing without scratching.

Along with the kitten you will receive: If the kitten is sold by exposure or breeding shall receive the pedigree within one to two months. If it is pet will receive the pedigree only after presenting the certificate of sterilization of the veterinarian who performed the procedure.

In any case, all kitten pet must be sterilized. The kitten pet must be sterilized / castrated before eight months and no more than twelve months of age. Sterilization is an act of protection and care against a cat that does not have to reproduce, to avoid increasing the chances of developing diseases (in females heats vacuum can lead to ovarian cysts or tumors ), to mark his territory or infectious diseases (males if left unused can have intercourse with infected cats or engage in fights with other males).

We ask anyone who decides to adopt a baby Siberian carefully evaluate the pros and cons of each adoption, we answer any of your questions.
The siberian cat

The siberian cat

The Siberian Cat is one of the oldest cat breeds, naturally selected from the wild cat of Russian forests. Over the centuries, this breed has adapted to the harsh climate of Siberia like no other race has been able to do.
Hypoallergenic Cat

Hypoallergenic Cat

The cat allergy typically occurs with sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, itchy eyes, in serious cases even asthma attacks.
Available kitten

Available kitten

All of our Siberian cats are tested FeLV, FIV; HCM and PKD and are free of these diseases. The tests can be seen at our Cattery.